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What's new FEB 2019

1: DigiCash now Pegged to US $!
PayApp has now pegged DigiCash (VC) to the USD ($) and moved away from the ZAR (Rand).
At PayApp all DigiCash is backed by Gold 80/20, this means we buy gold for 80% of all funds, 20% is kept for liquidity (transactional purposes), as the Gold price is in US$, it only makes sense for our currency to be aligned with the Gold price and therefore the change to the US$.
The ZAR has also lost almost 400% in value over the last 25 years.
2: Reduction in FEES!
PayApp has reduced fees in order to make using PayApp more accessible to everyone,
i.e. We have reduced the activation fee from R100 to $2 (R25) for the month of FEB
have a look at our fees page for more information.

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3: Direct EFT
PayApp has added the ability to do payments via EFT directly to any South African Bank via EFT.

  • 0% transaction fees for direct EFT.
  • Normal interbank tranfer times apply.
4: Business Accounts
As a PayApp personal account holder, you are now also able to open a Business current account, this means your business funds are also protected against the fluctuations in ZAR.
Business accounts allow for multiple authorisations.
Have a look at our fees page for more information.

More on fees.....
6: Transaction Levy
PayApp VC has introduced a transaction levy for Zuidland, this will help fund the development and furtherance of the new nation and our aim of independence.
This levy is what will replace the current taxation model once we have independence within Zuidland. Once we do have independence this levy will be the only form of taxation and will then at that time be around 15% for individuals and around 20% for companies, but this will be decided by new voted in government.

At present individuals will contribute a minimum of a 0.25% levy and companies a 0.5% levy, this taking into account the savings by using this system should be acceptable to all.
It is optional and at your own discretion, that you can choose a bigger percentage of transaction levy if you are willing to pay more towards the development of Zuidland.

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